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Dubai is one of the seven Emirates (states) that joined together in 1971 to form the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The other members are Abu Dhabi (the capital), Ajman, Fujairah, Ras
Al Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain (each Emirate is named after its main city). 

The climate in Dubai is dry, subtropical and rain is very rare.
The hottest months are between June and September when the temperature often tops 45 to
50°C during the day and the humidity is very high.
The temperature of the ocean can reach 37°C at the hottest part of the summer.
Hotel pools are cooled in the summer and heated in the winter.
The weather in October, November and April offer more reasonable temperatures of between
30°C and 35°C, but the best time to visit Dubai is between the months of December and
March, when the temperature is pleasurable and the warm waters and sybaritic spas are sure
to have the greatest effect, when the average temperature is 24°C.
The dirham (code:AED) is the currency of the United Arab Emirates.
From the timeless tranquillity of the desert to the lively bustle of the souk, Dubai offers a kaleidoscope of attractions for visitors.
Parks and Gardens
Situated around Dubai are numerous public parks and gardens offering a peaceful respite from urban life. Particularly popular with families, they offer attractive picnic spots and children’s play areas with a variety of entertainment facilities. The largest of the city’s parks are Jumeirah Beach Park, Dubai Creekside Park, Mushrif Park, Al Mamzar Park and Safa Park, while many smaller ones throughout the city provide a pleasant green oasis.
Dubai Shopping Festival
The annual Dubai Shopping Festival extravaganza has rapidly become an internationally-known event, with thousands of bargains, draws, shows, promotions and some of the world’s lowest prices.
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